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July Sunday afternoon air traffic conjestion.  Hasbrouck Heights is in the background.
1995 flights: 158,787.   1999 flights: 185,375.   Flights as of 6/30/00: 91,608
Teterboro currently handles about 500 flights daily, most of which are jets.

Teterboro Airport  [Quick overview]

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Previous Press Clippings

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Flights of fancy [The Record, July 24, 2001]

Airport agita – Will Port Authority plan bring expansion? [Record, June 20, 2001 – Editorial]

$92M project at Teterboro worries foes [Record, June 17, 2001]

Lawmakers say $8.5M secured to redesign region's airspace [Record, June 14, 2001]

Protesters call for Teterboro’s closure [The Shopper News, June 13, 2001]

400 rally to close Teterboro Airport [Record, June 8, 2001] [Event photos] [More photos]

Teterboro Airport foes plan big protest [Record, June 6, 2001]

Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey Wings & Wheels Expo 2001
Teterboro Airport, June 2d & 3rd, 2001
[General & Military] [B-17 Yankee Lady][DC-4 Spirit of Freedom]
[Various Aircraft] [Antique Cars]

Airport workers, cop, save pilot, 79: Ohioan lands, then suffers heart attack [Record, April 20, 2001]

Boeing's flight of fancy should land in Teterboro  [Record, Sunday, April 15, 2001, By Rod Allee]

Teterboro pollution study will begin soon [The Leader of Rutherford, Thursday, April 12, 2001]

On airports role in the community [Record, Thursday, April 11, 2001 -- Your Views]

Teterboro air tests to begin soon [The Record, Thursday, April 5, 2001]

‘Bergen doesn’t need Teterboro Airport’ [The Record,   March 26, 2001: Your Views]
Response: ("Why we shouldn’t restrict Teterboro air traffic," Other Views,  by Tom Carver, March 16
By Richard Carbonaro, Wood-Ridge, March 16 –  A Wood-Ridge borough councilman.
By Christine Lozier, Hackensack, March 16
By Clifford and Valerie Haymes, Hackensack, March 18

Why we shouldn't restrict Teterboro air traffic [The Record, Other Views, March 16, 2001]
by Tom Carver, President of NJ Aviation Association

FAA hears airport neighbors  [The Record, March 15, 2001]

Hasbrouck Heights Resolution opposing weight limit waiver [March 13, 2001]

On Indigo use of Teterboro Airport [Record,  March 12, 2001]
By Matthew G. Andersson, Indigo Chairman and chief executive officer

Rothman calls for probe of airline [The Record, Tuesday, March 6, 2001]

Jets’ impact on Teterboro to be studied [The Shopper News, February 28, 200l]

Turmoil at Teterboro: Larger jets, charter service spell trouble
[The Record Editorial, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2001]

Business Jets Light in the Air, but Too Heavy for Teterboro[NY Sunday Times, Feb. 25, 2001]

Airport fights push for more and larger aircraft [The Record, Sunday, February 25, 2001]

PA insists Teterboro cannot handle bigger jets [The Record, Sunday, February 25, 2001]

Charter service raises concerns [The Record, Sunday, February 25, 2001]

FAA may redirect Teterboro air traffic
Route could bypass high-rises, hospital [The Record,  February 13, 2001]

Air monitor hired to do Teterboro tests: 13 towns seek data on pollution risks [The Record, Feb. 8, 2001]

Boeing plan should never get off the ground [The Leader of Rutherford, Feb. 1, 2001]

Legislators: Take airport case to Bush [Record,  Jan. 25, 2001]

Lawmakers wage fight against heavier jets --Want them kept out of Teterboro [Record, Jan. 24, 2001]

Teterboro Neighbors hear pollution testing options [Record Dec. 1, 2000]

11 towns consider study of Teterboro -- Want info on airport's impact [Record, Nov. 30, 2000]

Heights crash pilot likely stalled plane [Record, Nov. 23, 2000]

Neighbors sign petition to ease noise from airport - [Record, Nov. 4, 2000]

Time shares for high-fliers [Record, October 29, 2000] -- Business & Money Section
More executives are buying into a program that provides immediate access to a fleet of corporate jets

Opinion - Response to Pilots view - [Record, Oct 24, 2000]

Opinion - Pilots view - [Record, Oct 20, 2000]

Opinion - Airports should be better neighbors - [Shopper, Oct. 18, 2000]

11 towns combine to battle Teterboro [Record, Oct. 13, 2000]

Official meeting to discuss air traffic: Town leaders seek strategy [Record, Oct. 12, 2000]

Record Editoral: Just plane too noisy [Record, Oct. 6, 2000]

Aviation group will fight curfew: Calls Teterboro vital to economy [Record, Oct. 6, 2000]

High Anxiety Planes Alarm Teterboro's Neighbors [Record, Oct. 1, 2000]

FAA honors Teterboro tower for efficiency [Record Sept. 12, 2000]

Teterboro bringing airport operations in-house [Flyer Media August 9, 2000]

Teterboro bring airport operations in-house [GA Aug. 4, 2000]

Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck July 19, 2000 [Commentary]

Rothman asks FAA chief for Teterboro noise relief
[The Record, Thursday, July 13, 2000]

PA Keeping Teterboro Airport [Star Ledger Press Room June 30, 2000]

PA Picks New Operator [PA Press Release June 29, 2000]

Officials probe Boeing Jets' possible use of Teterboro
[Shopper News, May 10, 2000]

Area wants midnight grounding [The Shopper News, January 26, 2000]

Central Avenue Air Distaster Kills Four 
December 9, 1999 -- A small plane crashed between two houses Thursday night killing all four people aboard, injuring three people on the ground and setting a garage on fire.
[Extensive coverage with photos]
Wrong Path Graphic [Star Ledger]
Regular air traffic patterns [Record]

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