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A substantial part of Teterboro Airport lies with Moonachie.

New ‘Basic’ Firetruck To Arrive In 2003

Wood-Ridge Independent, Bob Hannon, Publisher/Editor
Moonachie Council Meeting, Wednesday, December 11, 2002

With its newest pumper trucks currently 12 and 20 years old and its aerial truck 26 years old, the Moonachie Fire Department will be welcoming the arrival next summer of a new Pierce Mfg. Co. pumper truck, its purchase awarded last week for the bid price of $334,275.

Mayor Dressel commended the members of the department’s truck committee for holding down the cost of the new truck by specifying that it be equipped with much "common" equipment that could be shared with the department’s other apparatus. He also noted that the firemen have diligently kept all of their trucks and related equipment in good repair over the years, including the truck which the new pumper will be replacing, and thereby saving the taxpayers money. However, it had "come to the point that continuing to attempt to keep that truck in service was like throwing good money after bad," and the department came up with specifications for a "basic" replacement that will cost the least amount of money while giving the town a piece of apparatus that will still adequately serve its needs while providing for the safety of residents and property.

A $50,000 donation from the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey was recived toward the purchase of this new firetruck.

[When the department last acquired a new truck in 1990, it donated an old pumper to a small town’s department in Tennessee, which was pictured in the Independent being loaded onto a cargo plane at Teterboro Airport for transport to its new home, whose citizenry was grateful for the donation.]

The long-awaited fencing for the Redneck Avenue walkway was scheduled to be installed this month, weather permitting. The fencing from the Moonachie Avenue intersection northward to the first ballfield is being funded by the Port Authority, which also paved that portion of the walkway, while the borough is installing the similar type of fencing from the ballfields to the fieldhouse between Redneck Ave. and Jackson Place. Some residents had expressed concern earlier this year about vehicles which were pulling off of Redneck and parking on the walkway, ostensibly to watch planes take off and land across the roadway at the airport. The possibility of vehicles veering off the road and striking children, pedestrians or cyclists was also mentioned as an urgent reason for having the fencing installed as soon as possible.


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