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Photos by Fritz Rethage    Posted June 21, 2003

Here is a sneak preview of the facility due for full operations July 25, 2003

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Mail Factory Migrates To Teterboro

The United States Postal Service merged some operations for their internal customer service.   This secure 24/7 postal factory will handle processing and distribution for 074xx, 075xx and 076xx postal zip codes. USPS brings together equipment and employees from Clifton, Paterson and Hackensack. 

This move represents an in-house consolidation and will have no apparent affect on retail delivery. This operation offers no community retail service.  The South Hackensack facility will continue retail services, bulk mail, etc. 

There are about 1,000 employees who commute from the tri-state area. This several acre facility  will move about 3 million pieces of mail a week.  First Class mail will be processed in one day.   Deliveries are done by 24-hour trucking and will not use local roads. This facility is independent of Teterboro Airport operations.

This is the only new USPS plant being opened in the United States. It is expected to be 100% fully operational with the full complement of staff, all machines installed and operational by July 25, 2003.  A ribbon cutting is scheduled for September 2003.

The logistics of the migration

The USPS purchased an existing building and made modifications. Once completed, USPS ramped up operations in a series of phases.

Phase One began in March 2003 with contractors installing equipment for fire protection, dock,   mechanical/plumbing, electrical, control systems, etc.  In-house maintenance started moving in along with some processing equipment.  During April 2003 employees received guided tours, and some mail was being processed.

Phase Two had a standard mail move of selected zip codes ramped up.

From May through July, Phase Three and Four saw changes in Clifton and Paterson operations.  Hundreds of workers and more than 15 pieces of equipment were moved and installed.

Phase Five -- By mid-June, an additional eight pieces of originating equipment were moved and operations started processing all of Hackensack originating mail volume.

Phase Six from June to July additional equipment and employees were moved. During this phase in period, Paterson and Hackensack support operations were completed.

UPSP Index
Northern New Jersey Metro P & DC,   Teterboro, NJ

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held September 15, 2003

Virtual plant tour sneak preview from June 21, 2003
Photos and Stories
USPS Home Page
Outside Facility
Truck Bays
The Big Picture
Loading pallets into bins
AFSM Sorting (Advance Flats Sorter Machine)
MLOCR Sorting (Multi Line Optical Character Reader)
"Barney" The canceling machine
DBCS Sorting (Delivery Bar Code Sorter)
Building inside


mpeg movies
Image size: 320 x 240  -- Camera used: Sony   F717
Editors note: [Play] continuously on media player

Tug in operation [546] 400k
Pan across facility [542] 900k
DBCS Machine intake [529] 60k
DBCS Machine sorting [538] 200k
Hamper Dumper conveyor belt going up [520] 200k
Hamper Dumper conveyor belt in mirror [525] 200k
Hamper Dumper several employees sorting [508] 100k
Hamper Dumper an employee sorting [521] 100k
Destacker conveyor line [492] 200k


Special thanks to:
United States Postal Service for their cooperation

Photos by Fritz Rethage  2003, All rights reserved. 
Permission required for commercial reproduction.



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