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Northern New Jersey Metro P & DC,   Teterboro, NJ

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held September 15, 2003

Virtual plant tour sneak preview from June 21, 2003
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Outside Facility
Truck Bays
The Big Picture
Loading pallets into bins
AFSM Sorting (Advance Flats Sorter Machine)
MLOCR Sorting (Multi Line Optical Character Reader)
"Barney" The canceling machine
DBCS Sorting (Delivery Bar Code Sorter)
Building inside


mpeg movies
Image size: 320 x 240  -- Camera used: Sony   F717
Editors note: [Play] continuously on media player

Tug in operation [546] 400k
Pan across facility [542] 900k
DBCS Machine intake [529] 60k
DBCS Machine sorting [538] 200k
Hamper Dumper conveyor belt going up [520] 200k
Hamper Dumper conveyor belt in mirror [525] 200k
Hamper Dumper several employees sorting [508] 100k
Hamper Dumper an employee sorting [521] 100k
Destacker conveyor line [492] 200k


Special thanks to:
United States Postal Service for their cooperation

Photos by Fritz Rethage  2003, All rights reserved. 
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