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"The Wright Stuff"
Teterboro Airport celebratating 100 years of aviation
Wright "B" Flyer re-enacts historic 1909 flight around Statue of Liberty on May 25, 2003

Press Releases

1. Wright "B" Flyer replicates 1909 flight around the Statue of Liberty
2. Inventing Flight Dayton 2003

Wright "B" Flyer replicates
1909 flight around the Statue of Liberty

The WRIGHT "B" FLYER located at Dayton Wright Brothers Airport in conjunction with INVENTING FLIGHT, will replicate a flight originally made by Wilbur Wright in 1909, and fly around the Statue of Liberty on Memorial Day week-end.

Undertaking this task is no easy endeavor.  The WRIGHT "B" must be disassembled and inserted into a customized trailer for road transport to Tetrboro Airport. This effort requires four days. The aircraft will be "beeded down" at Teterboro Airport in central New Jersey from May 22-29.

Airport personnel have been kind enough to offer a hangar that is located adjacent to the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame Museum. WRIGHT "B" FLYER crew-members will travel to New Jersey either by commercial air or privately owned vehicle to meet the WRIGHT "B" upon its arrival on May 22. Two days will be required to reassemble and prepare the aircraft for flight (May 23 & 24).

Plans currently call for the WRIGHT " B" FLYER to launch from Teterboro Airport during early afternoon on Sunday, May 25, proceed east until crossing the Hudson River, proceed south, favoring the east bank of the Hudson until arriving at the intersection of the East and Hudson Rivers, then fly around the Statue of Liberty at approximately 1:30 p.m..

It is anticipated that an aircraft of helicopter will fly in formation with the WRIGHT "B" to take videos and/or provide live feeds to local TV stations. Return to Teterboro Airport will be reverse of the original flight back. In the event of inclement weather that could imperil the Sunday flight, a plan is available to conduct a similar flight on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26.

The WRIGHT "B" FLYER will be supported by ten Dayton area volunteer crew-members who dedicate many hours a week to keep the WRIGHT "B" flying. These crew-members consist of mechanics, pilots, and WRIGHT "B" memorabilia sales reps. Financial support and media coordination are provided by INVENTING FLIGHT, the official Dayton based 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight organization

The WRIGHT "B" FLYER will return to Dayton on Friday, May 30 and be ready to support local flights during the first week of June.

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Inventing Flight
Dayton 2003

The Statue of Liberty Reenactment Flight sponsored by Inventing Flight: Dayton 2003

When people first see the Wright "B" Flyer in the air these days, they usually do a double take and might just wonder if Orville Wright is still at the controls. Always an attention-getter, this look-alike airplane, built and flown by a group of volunteers from Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright Brothers, pays homage to the first Wright "B" Flyer flown by Orville Wright on May 21, 1910.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. John Warlick (Ret.) has been the lead pilot from this 1911 production Wright ‘B’ Flyer replica since its first flight in 1983. At 78 years old, he’s been flying since he was a young man in the Navy during WWII where he flew dive bombers off aircraft carriers in the Atlantic. After a stint in the Naval Reserves flying jets and transports, he moved into general aviation. With a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and extensive experience in engineering, sales and production of high temperature systems for industrial, marine, and aircraft, Mr. Warlick cuts a dashing figure in the vintage Army uniform that he wears when flying the Wright "B." John has made over a 1,000 flights in the Wright "B" Flyer which has been updated and modified to meet FAA requirements, including a radio and basic flight instrumentation.

In 1974, he joined with other retired engineers, pilots and aviation buffs to build and maintain the flying replica of the Wright Brothers’ first military production airplane as an honor to Dayton, Ohio and its aviation heritage. He is President of the Wright "B" Flyer organization, a non-profit volunteer group dedicated to the preservation and re-enactment of the historic achievements of aviation.

Flying Around Lady Liberty -- Wilbur Wright Circles the Statue of Liberty

In 1909, New York City planned a huge Hudson-Fulton Celebration to commemorate two great episodes in the history of the Hudson River – the 300th anniversary of Captain Henry Hudson’s upstream cruise to the future site of Albany and the 100th anniversary of Robert Fulton’s steamboat trip. Wilber & Orville Wright, back from Europe, were asked to participate in the festivities with a flight around the Statue of Liberty. Taking off and landing at Governor’s Island, Wilbur succeeded in piloting the Wright Flyer for one of the most famous flights in aviation history.

Wright ‘B’ Replica Relives Historical Moment

On Memorial Day weekend, the members of Wright ‘B’ Flyer, Inc., based in Dayton, Ohio, will attempt to recreate this flight in the organization’s replica of the 1911 Wright ‘B’ military flyer. Built over several years by an army of 500-600 volunteers, the Wright ‘B’ Flyer look-a-like meets all FAA standards and usually flies in the skies over Dayton. However, as a partner of Inventing Flight: The Centennial Celebration, the plane has expanded its reach this year, flying over the Rose Bowl in January and now heading to New York City to recreate this famous flight.

When the Wright ‘B’ Flyer takes to the skies, it always attracts attention. This recreated flight will be no different. On Monday, May 26th, weather permitting, the plane, piloted by John Warlick, will fly from Teterboro, up the Hudson and around the statue.

Centennial of Flight Celebration

The Wright ‘B’ Flyer organization is a partner of Inventing Flight: The Centennial Celebration to be held in Dayton, Ohio, the home of the Wright Brothers, this July 3-20. Consisting of three weeks of action-packed adventure, Inventing Flight has partnered with some of the greatest names, faces and locations in aviation and aerospace to bring a truly special series of personalities, events and programs to Dayton. A founding member of the US Centennial of Flight Commission and a signature event of the Ohio Bicentennial, Inventing Flight truly is the place to be in 2003.

Plane Characteristics
Wing Span: 38 feet 6 inches
Height: 10 feet 8 inches
Length: 31 feet 11 inches
Weight: 3400 pounds
Cruise: 60 mph
Endurance: 2 hours
Range: 100 miles


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Here are about two hundred photos and movies
commemorating this historic aviation event

Photos and Stories
Taking off custom trailer's side panels
Preparing to unload Wright "B' Flyer from custom trailer
Assembling front section
Crew before off-loading Wright "B" Flyer
Off-loading Wright "B" Flyer
Attaching the tail section
Attaching the flap
Putting sides back on custom trailer
Assembling and checking seat, pedals, controls, wires, radio, etc.
Installing propeller
Rolling Flyer out to test engine (May 24) & test flight (May 25)

Wright "B" Flyer details
[Engine][Propellers & Chain Drive][Rigging & Wheels][Cockpit & Controls]

Supporting operations
Various parked positions and on public display
Miscellaneous general photos
Onboard museum
Press Releases
Media Coverage

mpeg movies
Image size: 320 x 240  -- Cameras used: Sony F505 & F717
[Movie] Engine test on apron -- May 25 (500k)
[Movie] Engine test on apron #1 -- May 25  (500k)
[Movie] Engine test on apron #2 -- May 25  (500k)

[Movie] Rolling Wright "B" onto apron for public viewing May 26 (800k)
[Movie] Rolling Wright "B" onto apron before starting engines (500k)
[Movie] Taxiing from apron to ramp (1.4 meg)
[Movie] Taxiing from apron onto ramp for test flight (1.1 meg)
[Movie] Test flight from Meadowlands (2.5 meg)
[Movie] Taxiing on the ramp from test flight (700k)
[Movie] Taxiing from the ramp to the apron (1 meg)

Editors note:
Cool effect: [Play] on media player full screen and run continuously
Editors favorite: [Taxiing back] on ramp w/Hasbrouck Heights as the horizon

Successful event thanks to:
Wright "B" Flyer Organization, Inventing Flight/Dayton 2003, National Park Service/Dayton, FAA,  Port Authority NY/NJ, NJ Aviation Hall of Fame, Signature Flight Support, Paramus Flying Club, Civil Air Patrol, Continental Trucking (Sidney, OH -Transported Trailer), Raintree County Images (Documentary Film Makers)

Other Aviation Hall of Fame Photos and Stories
Open Cockpit Day
:  April 26, 2003 [Story]

Santa Arrives by Helicopter
:  December 14, 2002 [Photos]

Tri-State Aviation Expo 2002
[Kitty Hawk Flyer] [General] [Models] [Trucks & Cars]

Wings & Wheels Expo at Teterboro Airport on June 2nd & 3rd, 2001
[General & Military][B-17 Yankee Lady][DC-4 Spirit of Freedom]
[Various aircraft] [Antique Cars]

Photos by Fritz Rethage  2003, All rights reserved. 
Permission required for commercial reproduction.



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