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Photos by Fritz Rethage 2004 All Rights Reserved

Wings & Wheels Expo 2004
Teterboro Airport, September 25 & 26, 2004
Sponsored by The Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey

B-17 Yankee Lady Press Flight

For the first time since 9-11, special permission was given to The Yankee Lady to provide flights during the Wings and Wheels Expo. The first flight was for the press just after arrival early afternoon on Friday, September 24, 2004. Of the more than 12,000 built before the end of WWII, less than a dozen of America's first heavy bombers are still flying today.

Boarding through a small portal, I worked my way through a cramped tunneled fuselage past jump seats and .50 caliber machine guns, over the ball turret and into the radio room.   We squeezed into very small seating spaces, on very thin pads and one of the crew fastened our seat belts.

As we settled in, Albert J. Parisi from the Herald News, an aviation buff and dressed in period attire, provided lots of interesting information about crew life on the B-17 Flying Fortress.   Although there was seating in the radio room for three -- originally there was one radioman and 1,000 pounds of radio equipment where two of us sat. In a slot above the door to the bomb bay was a .50 caliber machine gun on the ready.  He told us about the crews functions, rubberized oxygen masks freezing, three bells meant to bail out, bombing accuracy, communication to the cockpit was by telegraph, etc.

The Wright Cyclone piston engines fired up one at a time with rich resonate thunder. It was very loud and communication was with hand signals and shouting.  After warming up the engines, we taxied to the runway for a very smooth take off.  Once airborne, the press was allowed to move around the aircraft.

This short flight took off, crossed the Meadowlands, traveled down the Hudson River, turned past the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, went up the Hudson past the George Washington Bridge, turned at the Palisades and returned to Teterboro. 

Most of these photos were taken from an open portal above the radio room, but after turning at the Statue of Liberty I went to the rear for a gunners' viewpoint, then went forward past the radio room -- along a very thin walkway through the bomb bay to the cockpit.   I was allowed to go into the nose section used by the bombardier.  When we were above the Palisades we were told that we would be landing in three minutes and signaled to return to our seats. Moments later we enjoyed a very smooth landing. Upon landing and on the taxi way between runways, we watched the Spirit of Freedom touch down.

Fasten your seat belts.

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Taxiing to the runway before take off

Views are from the opening above the radio room
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George Washington Bridge spanning the Hudson River

ww04_937.jpg (33450 bytes)
Intrepid Museum in lower left corner and the Empire State Building to the right.

ww04_944.jpg (45734 bytes)
Mid-town Manhattan

ww04_951.jpg (43771 bytes)
Downtown Manhattan

ww04_955.jpg (35630 bytes)

ww04_956.jpg (40463 bytes)
Flying over Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

ww04_961.jpg (19385 bytes)

ww04_962.jpg (34696 bytes)
New York harbor at the turn

ww04_963.jpg (40336 bytes)
Statue of Liberty starting the return of the trip

ww04_970.jpg (32922 bytes)
Verrazano Narrows Bridge in lower New York harbor

ww04_974.jpg (33761 bytes)
Lower Manhattan

ww04_981.jpg (31026 bytes)
Mid-town Manhattan

ww04_982.jpg (26946 bytes)

ww04_984.jpg (31605 bytes)

ww04_995.jpg (32931 bytes)
View from the cockpit

ww04_997.jpg (53055 bytes)
Cockpit controls during flight

ww04_06.jpg (24771 bytes)
View of Hudson River from nose at the turn -- note George Washington Bridge in the distance

ww04_09.jpg (49304 bytes)
View of the Palisades from the Bombardier's seat
ww04_07.jpg (54097 bytes)

ww04_16.jpg (19950 bytes)

ww04_13.jpg (44078 bytes)
Heading back to Teterboro.  Note George Washington Bridge view from the Bombardier's seat

ww04_20.jpg (32122 bytes)
Fasten seat belts -- we will be landing in three minutes. Pass the word.

ww04_02a.jpg (32460 bytes)
On the taxi way between runways, we watched the Spirit of Freedom touch down.

ww04_21a.jpg (32423 bytes)
Taxiing back to the ramp after landing.  The C-54 Spirit of Freedom is behind us and will park first.

ww04_35a.jpg (41440 bytes)
Taxiing onto the ramp.  The Spirit of Freedom has parked along the F-14's and F-18's.
Note the old Teterboro tower to the left.

Wings & Wheels Expo 2001 @ Teterboro Airport, June 2d & 3rd, 2001
[B-17 Yankee Lady][DC-4 Spirit of Freedom][Various aircraft] [Antique Cars][General & Military]

Photos by Fritz Rethage 2004 All Rights Reserved

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