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Teterboro Airport
Noise Symposium

The Third Annual Teterboro Airport (TEB) Noise Symposium was held on Wednesday morning, May 17, 2006 at the Hasbrouck Heights Hilton.

The program was led by Rudy F. Steinthal, Teterboro Noise Abatement Manager.

Susan Baer, General Manager of New Jersey Airports made opening remarks.

Kimberly Hair, TEB Noise Abatement Technician, provided an update of the TEB’s highlights and accomplishments during 2005.

Ms. Hair detailed the number of letters the airport sent to every operator who flew during the voluntary restraint periods questioning the need for those flights, and that TEB staff met and briefed 900 flight crews new to TEB about detailed noise abatement policies in effect at the airport.

Ms. Hair also provided an overview of the airport’s nine permanent and temporary Noise Monitors. Ms. Hair also noted that the number of noise complaints continued to decline in 2005.

Stephanie Faison and Gerard Donovan, Airspace Design Specialists provided an overview of the FAA Airspace Redesign Project. This area includes: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboro and Philadelphia Airports. Recommendations will be issued in 2007.

The pros and cons of the four models to be used: no action, modification of existing airspace, ocean routing and integrated airspace were explained.

Factors in the evaluation process include: noise analysis/thresholds, environmental justice, cultural resources and communities.

Patrick Bonner, Supervisor, Teterboro Operations, stated that in late 2005, a working group of about 25 FBO’s, users and stakeholders was formed with the goal to make Teterboro Airport a quieter and safer operation.

This group has committees for noise & emission, operations, safety & security and regional advocacy.

This working group recommends physical improvements, approach improvements, noise reduction, safety improvements and community outreach.

This group emphasized a good neighbor policy including voluntary restraints of non-essential nighttime flights.

Joseph Voss of Eclipse Aviation made a presentation of "Very Light Jets" (VLJ’s) and their impact on the future of aviation.

VLJ’s are under 8,000 lbs., 4-6 passenger with 3,000 ft. take offs & landing capabilities that offer low operating costs and purchase cost under $2.9 million.

VLJ’s are the convergence of new technologies of turbine power, digital electronics and new manufacturing capabilities that are changing aircraft and design.

Among the benefits for the aviation industry are growth for suppliers, FBO’s and training operations.

VLJ’s make good neighbors being that they are the quietest jets ever with less noise than most turboprops and piston engines.

Marcelo Morelli, Assistant Noise Abatement Manager spoke next and reviewed the airport noise abatement rules.

He detailed the voluntary restraint of non-essential flight periods for both Stage III, and Non-Stage III compliant aircraft.

Peter R. Bellini, President of the Teterboro Users Group (TUG) concluded the symposium. TUG is an association of users and operators formed in 1991 to improve operational effectiveness.

The major success of this group was the reduced delays at TEB which were achieved by separating the traffic flow from LGA, EWR and TEB.

The reduced delays cut engine run time thus lowering emissions and noise.

He provided an overview of several specific Teterboro airport issues and, although there is much work to be done, he praised the cooperation TUG has received from the Port Authority and the FAA.

A Good Neighbor Awards Luncheon Ceremony followed. See related story. ###

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Rudy F. Steinthal, Teterboro Noise Abatement Manager

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