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EnCap Golf Course

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The Meadowlands Golf Project

Historical Use and Existing Conditions

The subject area includes the existence of six landfills. From north to south the redevelopment area includes: the Rutherford Landfill, Lyndhurst Landfill, Avon Landfill, Erie Landfill, and the Commission's 1-E Landfill. Although most of these landfills ceased operation ( 1-E is scheduled to close in 2002, and Erie will reopen and close when the agreed upon cell limit is reached) only the Kingsland and 1-E have funding to be formally closed in an environmentally safe manner. Additional existing land uses include a compost operation, radio towers, public utilities, bus and truck repair facilities, and the Commission complex.

Activities to Date

The consolidation of several redevelopment plans into the Meadowlands Golf Course Redevelopment Plan has sought to facilitate the environmental closure of the landfills. In October, 2000, the Commission entered into a developers agreement with EnCap Golf Holdings, LLC which names EnCap as the redeveloper of certain parcels in the overall development plan and the potential redeveloper of other parcels. An amended agreement was executed in December, 2001 dividing the redevelopment area into two phases with Commission and EnCap milestones. To date the Commission has purchased or is negotiating purchase of several parcels of land within the redevelopment area. EnCap is currently preparing a conceptual master plan of development.

Recommended Use

The Meadowlands Golf Course Redevelopment Plan’s primary use will be golf and associated facilities which will rise from landfills that have been closed in an environmentally safe manner. The plans will incorporate wetlands and wildlife habitats. Additionally the “comprehensive plan” envisions a coordinated development and innovative site layout to also include housing, office space, commercial recreation, limited retail, hotels and marina.


The main obstacle to optimum development is the existence of six landfills. In areas where development is to take place on landfilled areas, there will need to be careful evaluation of structural and safety issues. For example engineering controls to accommodate settling and methane venting will likely to needed. Vehicular access will also be a challenge since access to interior portions of the area is limited. Lastly, the approximately 380 acres of wetlands will need to be considered in creative design to minimize disturbance and incorporate the wetlands as a positive feature of any future development.

Advantages for Development

The development plan addresses the legacy of landfilling in the redevelopment areas by insuring the closure of the landfills through environmentally sound golf course/mixed-use development. This development also offers the opportunity for environmental improvements in the vicinity of the delicate Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management area. Very little of the existing development will need to be disturbed or relocated in order to implement this plan. Furthermore, the golf course and associated facilities will complement the large corporate sector located in and around the District.

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