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Teterboro, NJ   07608  -  Bergen County  -  Population: 45 - Established: 1917

Sunday, July 14, 24. The local time is 12:35 PM PDT (12:35 HRS.)

Teterboro Area

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The Gazette Newspaper
For Carlstadt East Rutherford Hasbrouck Heights Little Ferry Lodi
Moonachie Rutherford South Hackensack Teterboro Wallington Wood-Ridge

Full Index from 2004 to present (All issues in pdf format)
Click here for 2018 Rate Card information in pdf format
Teterboro Airport: Official website   unOfficial website
About Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement Noise Complaint
Teterboro  Users Group Pledge to the Community

WebTrack allows residents to track aircraft at Teterboro and NYC Area. 
To track aircraft: [http://webtrak.bksv.com/panynj]
For details/background: [http://www.panynj.gov/airports/webtrak.html]
Info tracks aircraft type, altitude and origin/destination. Users can view noise data near each airport.  TEB noise data is in replay mode for the previous days (up to 90 days) Users can submit noise complaints using WebTrack system.  Services provided by PANYNJ.

NJ Aviation Hall of Fame: Official website un-Official website
Museum Self Guided Tour
Wings & Wheels Expo 2008
Event in pdf format
Wings & Wheels Expo 2004

[Take a ride on the B-17 Yankee Lady][B-17 Yankee Lady details]
[Various aircraft] [Antique Cars][Vendors/Exhibitors][F-14 details][F-18 details]
This section features mpg movies
Community Life Photos: 2005   2004   2003  2002  2001  2000  1999  Area Pics
DOT [Webcam] Index @ Green St.
View of Industrial Ave. intersection before Teterboro Landing

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Regional Features

George Washington Bridge [Index]
Paterson Great Falls [General Photos][Background info][Hydroelectric plant]
Secaucus Junction
Grand Opening  [Index]
Mail Factory Migrates To Teterboro [ Sneak preview][Ribbon cutting]
"The Wright Stuff" 100 Years of Aviation [Index]
Lake Teterboro

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Mass Decontamination
The radio crackles: "There has been a contamination of unknown substance at ...." 
Office building, factory or stadium -- regional first responders are trained to handle the decontamination of large numbers of people.

Carlstadt, Hasbrouck Heights, Little Ferry, Moonachie, Wallington and Wood-Ridge Fire Departments  participated in this hands-on mass decontamination exercise. The training was held on August 22, 2004 at a Route 46 office complex parking lot  in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. Classroom instruction preceded this drill.  This course is given to every fire department in Northern New Jersey and with this common training -- all departments can mobilize in highly-coordinated, scalable efforts.
[Story and set-up] [Group 2 photos][Group 3 photos]

"Jaws of Life" Training
During emergencies, when a few wasted seconds can cost lives, the "Jaws of Life" are brought in to pry open accident vehicles and allow rescue workers to remove trapped victims from the wreckage.  We often read about rescues that used the "Jaws of Life".
What is it?  How does it work?

Under a blazing hot (85 degrees) Sunday afternoon, July 11, 2004, the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department conducted "Jaws of Life" training at the DPW yard.  Two donated vehicles were used in the exercise that practiced the basic techniques that are regularly used by the department.

1. Story and equipment
2. Blue car: Removing front doors
3. Blue car: Removing rear doors
4. Blue car: Removing glass, roof, breaking frame & opening hood
5. Yellow truck: Removing doors
6. Yellow truck: Removing glass and roof
7. Yellow truck: Extracting victim

Mpeg movies included:  Blue car [Rear door]   [Cutting hood open]
Yellow truck [Door] [Cutting windshield #1]  [Cutting windshield #2]

HHFD Conduct Live Fire Exercises
On Saturday, April 30, 2005, elements of the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department went "out of service" to conduct "live fire training". [Story & Group 1 Photos][Group 2 Photos]

Recent Fire Department News
Borough of Teterboro is serviced by the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department


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"The Wright Stuff"
Teterboro Airport celebrates 100 years of aviation.  [Index] to about 200 photos and movies of the Wright "B" Flyer being assembled in Teterboro Airport during Memorial Day Weekend for the historic 1909 re-enactment flight around the Statue of Liberty.

On December 17 at 1:30 p.m., the NJ Aviation Hall of Fame, (with the Hudson Valley Stamp and Historical Society) -- held a special ceremony commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers first sustained powered flight.  The Postal Service  set up a temporary post office where the Wright Brothers stamp was unveiled, and a special pictorial cancellation "The First Powered Flight" was issued.  [Story & photos]

Port Authority Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Flight [PA Press Release]

Mail Factory Migrates To Teterboro
The United States Postal Service merged some operations for the
ir internal customer service.   This secure 24/7 postal factory will handle processing and distribution for 074xx, 075xx and 076xx postal zip codes. USPS brings together equipment and employees from Clifton, Paterson and Hackensack. Take a sneak preview of of the facility before July 25th operational deadline.
Index to [Story, photos & movies] from June 2003
Ribbon cutting ceremony was held September 15, 2003 [Story & photos]


Click here to report potholes -- or call 1-800-POTHOLE (1-800-768-4654)
Civil Defense    CERT       BC Emergency Management       Homeland Security

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Teterboro Area Connections

Around Teterboro
Teteroro Municipal Information
Teterboro Traffic
  -- Huyler Street & Route 46
  -- Hollister Road & Route 46
  -- Industrial Avenue
Riser Ditch -- Background, maps, photos
Teterboro Train Station
Teterboro History
Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department
Bergen County Technical School
Bergen Co. Animal Shelter -- un-Official
Mid-Bergen Rotary Club

Around The Region
Civil Defense   CERT
Overpeck Park
Rail Transportation
  - General Links
  - Secaucus Junction
  - Trolley -- Hudson/Bergen Light Rail
  - Trolley-Bus -- Hackensack to Rutherford
Hackensack River
  - Overview
  - Hackensack Riverkeeper Inc.
  - Hackensack River Watershed Fund
  - Teaneck Greenway
  - Riser Ditch
  - Berry's Creek  [Map]
  - Chamber of Commerce
  - Stay in the Meadowlands - Tourism
  - DeKorte Park Photos [1][2][3]
  - NJ Sports & Expo Authority

Meadowlands Development
  - Continental Arena Concept Proposals
  - Xanadu Project

  - Encap Golf Project

NJ Lottery Results
NJ Transit 
Weather & Maps
US Postal Service
Comics    More Comics
Business Page
School Cancellations

Bergen County -- Official
State of New Jersey
Access to Fed. Government database

Historical news
Teb Approach into PO - Sept 2, 2005 
Twin-engine crash at Teb - May 31, 2005
Challenger 600 crosses Rt 46 - Feb. 2, 2005
Teb Crash kills pilot - Mar. 9, 2002
Hasb. Hts. Air Disaster - Dec. 9, 1999
Teterboro Airport
Teterboro Airport Fast Facts
Teterboro News Clips (aviation)

Teterboro Airport [Port Authority  Summary]

Teterboro Airport Operations

Official PA Teterboro Web-site [www.teb.com]
Port Authority  [www.panynj.gov]
FAA [www.faa.gov] Note: drill down here for real-time field conditions

Fixed Based Operators
Atlantic Aviation [www.atlanticaviation.com]
Jet Aviation [www.jetaviation.com]
Meridan [www.meridian.aero]
Signature Flight Support [www.signatureflight.com]

Other TEB

NJ Aviation Hall of Fame [un-Official] [Official]
Paramus Flying Club

Professional Aviation Maintenence Association
Dassault Falcon Jet [www.falconjet.com/]

Flightpath Services
Assorted photos collected off the web [Photos]
Teterboro School of Aeronautics

Hundreds of famous aviators have walked these fields: Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Wally Schirra and countless others who have created a legacy that is New Jersey Aviation history.

Enjoy some of our areas unique sights.

*Mpg movies w/sound

Hudson River
George Washington Bridge  Photo Tour Index
*GWB Panoramic  --  Manhattan to the Palisades 1.4 meg
*GWB Panoramic  --  New Jersey shore line 1.2 meg

Passaic River
Paterson Great Falls [General Photos] [Background]
[04' Arbor Day Clean-up][Hydroelectric plant]
[FrozenPaterson Great Falls]
*Paterson Falls: 500k [Close] [Medium] [Long] [River]
*Frozen Great Falls-Major 900k     Great Falls-Minor 400k

Passaic River/Dundee Dam [Background]
[Frozen Passaic River]  [Dundee Dam panoramic]
*Dundee Dam: 500k [Top] [Flow] [River]
*Panoramic at Dundee Dam 2 meg     Dundee Dam 300k

Richard W. DeKorte Park
Photos [Group 1] [Group 2] [Group 3]

Van Saun Park
*Train Ride: 500k [1]  1.4 meg [2] [3]
*Carousel:  500k [Long] [Medium] [Close]

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